About Us

‘Somatic meditation’ refers to a wide range of mindfulness-awareness practices that consider the body as the ground of human fulfillment. Drawn from Tibetan Buddhism and other sources, somatic meditation gradually develops our ability to be present in our lives. In doing so, the work deepens our relationship with the clarity, tenderness, and responsiveness inherent in who we are.

We are a Vancouver-based community that has been gathering to learn and share these practices for more than a decade. We offer regular weekend workshops at Bridge and Enrich that provide opportunities to explore and discuss specific aspects of this work. We also host a seven-day retreat at Salt Spring Island’s Stowel Lake Farm each June. This retreat allows us a chance to immerse in these practices within a supportive community setting.

At present, our Board of Directors consists of Aaron Emberson, Jules Faye, and Katie Hill.


Weekend Workshops

Our regular weekend workshops in Vancouver provide an opportunity to learn about somatic meditation. 

Annual Retreats

Learn about our annual week-long spring retreat on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. 

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