Annual Retreat

Meditation is a coming home. Through the practice of embodiment, through developing a sense of familiarity with and fidelity to immediate experience, we reconnect with the life we are living and the person we are. The effects of this are considerable. Our annual week-long meditation retreat is held at Stowel Lake Farm, an organic farm and retreat venue on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia’s Gulf Islands. At present, our Journey Home organizing group consists of Aaron Emberson, Beth Marvel, Gordon Grant, Jules Faye, Katie Hill, and Neil McKinlay.


Somatic Meditation

The Journey Home

June 11 – 18, 2020 • Salt Spring Island, BC


Stowel Lake Farm
190 Reynolds Road
Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, V8K 1Y3


Under the guidance of Neil McKinlay, this week-long retreat will explore the foundational methods of somatic meditation. We will unfold the basic elements of somatic meditation and support this experience with walking meditation and periods of silence. With everything during our time together held in the enriching container of community, we will be given opportunities to glimpse – in fact, to touch – the depth and vastness of human life.

As our relationship with this life deepens, we will begin to see our way through the confusion and distraction that so characterize our days. We will start to receive the body’s wisdom without judgement and carry this into the world without agenda. We will further develop our capacity to become beacons of possibility for others in this grand community of being – a true sign we have found our way home.

Instructor: Neil Mckinlay

Having trained in the practice of somatic meditation for over twenty years, Neil McKinlay now offers classes, workshops, and retreats that emphasize the accessibility and relevance of meditation in the modern world. Seeing such work as an inherent part of the human journey, his teaching style is immediate and personal, always affirming the dignity and wholeness of our lives as they are. Read more about Neil at


There are a limited number of partial scholarships available to qualifying applicants. To apply, please contact the Program Manager for further information at

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